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Plastic spatula (pvc) flexible. Ideal for the mixture of liquid substances such as: resins, paints, varnishes, gelcoats, etc. Once cleaned with paper or cloth can be used multiple times. SOLD BY UNITS

€0.74 24-48h delivery


Regulated mixing glasses, made of very resistant and flexible plastic. They are very useful for making mixtures of products such as resins, gelcoats, silicones, etc. These vessels can be used...

€0.70 24-48h delivery


Digital scale with a maximum weight of 5 kgs. with accuracy of 1 gr. Especially to calculate the mixing percentages of our products as accurately as possible, since the result of our work will...


STOKO Washing soap

The Stoko washbasin is a kind of cream with exfoliating particles and pleasant perfume that eliminates in an excellent way the remains of dirt and impurities that remain on our skin after working...

€7.35 24-48h delivery


Brushes for impregnation of all types of resins, paints, silicones, etc.Robust wooden handle. Optimal qualityThree available sizes: 2.5 cm, 5 cm, 7.5 cm.

€1.32 24-48h delivery


Standard syringes of 10 ml. and 50 ml. of capacity, for any utility. Its main use is to calculate the volume of liquid mixture of low viscosity products. Although they are also used to extract...

€0.82 24-48h delivery


Metal rollers formed on the basis of serrated washers. They are used to eliminate the bubbles that are incorporated during the lamination of resins and gelcoats with glass fibers and carbon.

€12.69 24-48h delivery